Hassle Free, Stamp Free, Delay Free, Worry Free

No one likes to pay bills, but we all have to, and usually more than one time a month. Have you ever thought about how much time it takes to pay bills? How much money you spend on checks, envelopes, stamps, and gas to and from the Post Office?  With Online Bill Pay Ascension Credit Union makes it easy to pay bills. All you need is a personal computer and an Online Banking account. There are no checks, gas, or stamps.  You control the payments, the amounts, and the dates the bills are paid. It’s safe, secure, fast and convenient.

With Ascension Credit Union’s Online Bill Pay, you get all theses great features and more:

  • Pay anyone you want when you want- from your mortgage payment to your lawn person
  • Set up recurring payments as frequently as you need- once a month, twice a year, etc.
  • Schedule payments in advance- now you can pay bills just once a month
  • Unlimited bill payments each month

Ready to enroll in Online Bill Pay? Just click here. Please remember, before you can enroll in Online Bill Pay, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking.

Have a question? Contact one of our Financial Service Representatives at 225-621-2800. 

*$4.95 assessed to accounts inactive for 30 days or more.