Be the Star of your own ScoreCard® Rewards Show


Ascension Credit Union VISA Debit and Credit Cards already provide you with the convenience and simplicity you love!  Now, you get rewarded for using them. With our ScoreCard Rewards Program, you earn Bonus Points every time you use your cards and sign your name. Here's how the program works.

Debit Card Rewards   Credit Card Rewards
  • All you need is an Ascension Credit Union checking account and debit card.
  • Enrollment into the program is automatic.
  • Start making everyday purchases using your Ascension Credit Union debit card.
  • When prompted, select credit and sign for your purchase.
  • Now you’re earning 1 Bonus Point for every $2.00 that you spend.
  • Immediate activation with your credit card approval.
  • With each purchase you earn 1 Bonus Point for every $1.00 that you spend.
  • Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance.
  • Access to the Scorecard Rewards assistance website.
  • No limit to number of Bonus Points you can earn.


Think about all the rewards you're earning as you Star in your own role each time you use your Ascension Credit Union Debit and Credit Cards.



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