A Card that Works For You

Visa Debit Cards

The convenience of cash & check in one simple card! Use your Ascension Credit Union VISA Debit Card to make purchases anywhere the VISA logo is displayed. You can also use it to access your accounts at millions of ATM locations worldwide. Remember though, it’s not a credit card, it’s a plastic check and the money comes right out of your checking account.

Reasons to have an Ascension Credit Union VISA Check Card:

  • Faster than writing a check and safer than carrying cash
  • Avoid interest rates on credit cards
  • Instant approvals at the register based on available checking account balance
  • 'Cash back' availability at many retailers
  • No worrying about out of town checks when traveling

Check Cards are available with every Ascension Credit Union Checking account.


ATM Card
Members who do not have a checking account and would like to withdraw cash without ever having to enter the branch, apply for an ATM card. 

With an Ascension Credit Union ATM Card:

  • Receive quick and easy access to your accounts 24/7
  • Perform balance inquiries and cash transfers
  • Receive unlimited ATM transactions with no fees at any Ascension Credit Union ATM


*Certain restrictions apply for both ATM Cards and Visa Check Cards

Have a Lost or stolen ATM or VISA Check Card?  Call 1-800-472-3272 to cancel your card and order a replacement.

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