Onsite ATM

Accessing funds is FREE, convenient, safe and easy at our onsite ATM. You can check balances, make transfers and more. Its available all day, every day and FREE for Ascension Credit Union cardholders!  

FREE ATM Locator

Ascension Credit Union is part of the Dolphin ATMŪ Alliance, which is a group of ATMs owned and operated by Dolphin Debit Access that provides surcharge free transactions to the customers of participating financial institutions. Dolphin has strategically placed ATMs at some of most convenient locations in town. In fact, many of them are located in the parking lots of Super Wal-Marts around your area. And to make it even more convenient, these locations are Drive-Up, so you dont even have to get out of your car.  

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Have a question? Contact one of our Financial Service Representatives at 225-621-2800 or stop if you would rather, just stop by.