Making the Most Out of Service

Ascension Credit Union prides itself on meeting the needs of every member. Thus, we have a multitude of convenient, and simple services available. Here is more information on what we offer:


Coin Counting

Do you or your kids have coins lying around or a piggy bank ready to pop? Bring in your coins and have them counted by our coin-counting machine.


Credit Union Service Center

Ascension Credit Union is part of the Credit Union Service Center network. Our members are able to access their accounts at any one of over 3,700 participating credit unions nationwide.  For more information on participating Credit Unions visit or call 1-800-919-2872.


Prepaid VISA TravelMoney®

Travel with peace of mind using our prepaid Visa TravelMoney® Card. This card takes the place of our traveler’s checks because it's better. The TravelMoney® Card is safe, secure, and can be canceled if lost or stolen. Unlike traveler's checks it can have up to $5000.00 loaded onto it at one time, it can be used by a spouse and children, and has ATM and PIN access. Also, the TravelMoney® Card can be reloaded up to 4 times and is accepted world wide.


Night Deposit

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our Night Deposit is convenient for depositing funds or making loan payments after hours. We process night drop items on the following business day at 8:00 a.m.


Notary Services

We have a Notary Public on staff at our Gonzales location, so if you need documents notarized, we are here for you. For a nominal fee,

we can witness and certify the validity of your signature to documents needing notarization. Remember to have all individuals present and

bring valid identification. Please call to schedule an appointment.


Onsite ATM

Accessing funds is convenient, safe and easy at our onsite ATM. You can check balances, make transfers and more. It’s available all day, every day and  free for Ascension Credit Union cardholders!


Safety Deposit Boxes

Keeping valuables safe has never been easier than having a safety deposit box at Ascension Credit Union. Available in different sizes, you can find one to store your important documents or other valuable items. The annual fee is prorated and renewable in March.

  • 3"x5" - $25
  • 3"x10" - $35
  • 5"x10" - $55
  • 10"x10" - $75


Visa Gift Cards

Looking for that perfect gift? Want to avoid the crowded shopping malls? Have no idea what to buy!? The VISA Gift Card is your solution. It’s the perfect gift because whom ever you give it to can buy what they want.  At only $4.00 each, you can't go wrong. Available in a variety of designs, we have a card to fit any occasion.


Western Union Wire Transfers*

If you need to send or receive money quickly, Ascension Credit Union can send money from your account to any Western Union Office in the continental United States and various other countries.

*Some restrictions and fees apply. Foreign countries participating in Western Union wire transfers change frequently.

Wire Transfers

Electronic wire transfers are an easy and inexpensive way to send or receive money anywhere in the continental United States at fees much lower than most financial institutions.

To wire money into your Ascension Credit Union account from another financial institution, the following information needs to be provided to the financial institution you are wiring money from.

Bank Name: Catalyst Corporate FCU

City, State of Bank: Dallas, TX

Bank ABA#: 311990511

For credit to Ascension Credit Union account #265474057

and for final credit to members name and account number

To wire money from your Ascension Credit Union account to another financial institution, contact the other institution for their wire instructions. Once you have the receiving institutions information, contact one of our Financial Service Officers at (225) 621-2800 to begin the wiring process.


If you need assistance with any products or services, Contact an Ascension Credit Union Financial Service Officer or just stop in for a visit.