Different Choices For Different Voices (Needs)

Ascension Credit Union realizes that your needs are diverse and just one loan option does not work. We developed an assortment of loan solutions to meet the needs of every lifestyle and most budgets. These loans come with different financing options, terms, interest rates, etc.  However, all of them come with convenient service; Credit Disability Insurance, Credit Life Insurance, and the ability to access your loan 24- hours-a-day. 


Financing for tractors, lawn mowers, animal trailers, RV trailers and other personal equipment is easy with our flexible term loans and great rates.

Share & Certificate Secured Loans

Need cash for something, but you don’t want to use the money you have in savings. Try one of our secured loans. These loans are secured by your Share Account or CD and may be used for any purpose. Plus, the interest rates are considerably lower than other unsecured loans.

Signature Loans

If you need to borrow money for any purpose at all- maybe a vacation, for taxes, a personal computer or school tuition our Signatures Loans are just for you. Simple and convenient, Ascension Credit Unions offers unsecured loans at very competitive rates.

For more information or to take advantage of one of these great loans, please contact one of our friendly Financial Service Representatives by calling 225-621-2800 or stopping by.



How much will my loan payments be?