Checking Solutions to Make Life Easier

Protecting you from the cost and embarrassment of overdrawing your checking account Ascension Credit Union provides both Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Advance.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection is an automatic service that gives you the peace of mind you deserve. This protection is backed by your share account because mistakes do happen. If you overdraw your checking account we will automatically transfer funds from your share account to cover your checking account.  With overdraft protection there are no expensive NSF fees, only a $5.00 transfer fee per Item. A maximum of 6 Overdrafts Protection transfers are allowed per month.  


Overdraft Advance*

Overdraft Advance will simplify your life by preventing your checks from being returned NSF. This is a service that activates automatically, which you may choose to opt out of, and will cover an overdrawn checking account up to $300.00. There's no cost or fee until you use the service, and then it’s only $30.00 per item. You may never need Overdraft Advance, but the service is there to make life easier because sometimes unexpected things happen.

* Some eligibility restrictions apply for this product. You may opt out of Overdraft Advance at any time.