Your Money the Electronic Way

Payroll/Retirement Deposits

Direct deposit is one of the easiest and safest ways to get your paycheck or retirement check deposited directly into your credit union account. The money comes to Ascension Credit Union electronically on payday, and is available to you immediately. No longer will you have to rush to beat the crowd or worry about our closing times.

To begin utilizing Direct Deposit you will need to provide your employer's payroll department with the Ascension Credit Unions routing and transit number. Employees of the Ascension Parish School Board may complete Direct Deposit paperwork with us or at the School Board office.

 Ascension Credit Union Routing & Transit # - 265474057


Government Check Deposits

If you want to directly deposit a government check (like Social Security or Federal Pensions) you can call the Social Security office toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 and ask to sign up for direct deposit, or visit for assistance. You will need our routing and transit number which is listed above.


Payroll Distribution

Members with Direct Deposit may also elect to have funds from their check distributed to more than one account. You can make loan payments or add to your savings accounts without effort. If your paycheck is directly deposited into your checking account, you can direct us to automatically disperse funds to different accounts, instead of having to transfer funds to your loan or savings account each month. For example, if your $500 paycheck is directly deposited and you want $50 to go into your vacation account and $100 to go to savings, you can complete one form and have those funds transferred automatically each time you get paid.


Automatic Deduction

Using your checking accounts automatic payment feature is an easy way for you to pay bills without writing and mailing checks each month. When setting up an automatic payment from your account, there are certain numbers needed to make sure your payment is made correctly. These numbers, at the bottom of your checks, include:  

  • Routing number consists of 9 digits and identifies that the funds will come from Ascension Credit Union.
  • MICR Account Number consists of 14 digits. To ensure the payment will be processed, the entire 14 digit number will need to be provided.
  • Check number may or may not be required. It will depend on how you are making the payment.


If you have questions about setting up your Direct Deposit or activating the Automatic Deduction feature, give Ascension Credit Union a call at 225-621-2800. We will assist you in every way we can.